Four Theives Vinegar 4 oz

No need to refrigerate as this is shelf stable in cool dry place.
Due to natural ingredients separation will occur so shake well before use.
Bottles may change/Always glass
Made To Order

Four Thieves Vinegar 4 oz in Heavy Reusable Apothecary Bottle

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  • Four Thieves Vinegar (also called Marseilles Vinegar, Marseilles Remedy, Prophylactic Vinegar, Vinegar of the Four Thieves, camphorated acetic acid, Vinaigre des Quatre Voleurs, and Acetum Quator Furum is a concoction of vinegar (either from red wine, white wine, cider, or distilled white) infused with herbs, spices or garlic that was believed to protect users from the plague. The recipe for this vinegar has almost as many variations as its legend.Four Thieves Vinegar (FTV) is a favorite brew of many witches! It is used for personal protection against psychic attack and to banish an enemy from one's surroundings. It is also a fabulous immune booster when taken internally (made with food-grade herbs) - the herbs are well-known to have potent anti-viral and anti-baterial properties!This is perfect for salads, fish, magical intention or taking as daily remedy.

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